As a specialised service platform, we fulfil the carbon offset oblig­ation of our affil­iates. We provide our services in a cost-conscious manner, offsetting a maximum of CO₂ emissions using minimal financial resources.

By supporting both the advanced appli­cation of mature technologies and inno­v­ative ideas, we contribute substan­tially to enduring and sustainable climate protection.


With our know-how, our expe­rience and our personal commitment, we gain recog­nition as a leading centre of expertise for carbon offsetting.

We thereby contribute to lastingly and sustainably offsetting a substantial part of Switzerland’s CO₂ emissions, gradu­ally reducing green­house gas emissions into the atmos­phere and stabil­ising them at planned levels.


We are focussed, effi­cient, persistent, committed and ambi­tious. We are versed in the latest devel­op­ments of carbon offsetting.

We assess carbon offset projects on the basis of scien­tific methods and in light of our expe­rience in project imple­men­tation. We handle both the funds at our disposal and our planet’s natural resources in a prudent and mindful manner.

We display compe­tence, openness to di­alogue and a spirit of partnership in our dealings with all stake­holders, namely our affil­iates, project owners and project partners, as well as involved federal offices. We commu­nicate at all times in an open and trans­parent manner.

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