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About the KliK Foundation

The Foundation for Climate Protection and Carbon Offset KliK is a private organisation that operates in accordance with the CO₂ Act and serves public interests. It was founded in 2012 by the Swiss Petroleum Association (now Avenergy Suisse) with the task of fulfilling the legal obligation of the industry to offset motor fuels. To this end, the KliK Foundation finances climate protection activities that demonstrably reduce greenhouse gases.

The KliK Foundation supports climate protection activities in Switzerland. Furthermore, it has since 2022 been supporting climate protection activities in countries that have signed a bilateral climate agreement with Switzerland under Article 6.2 of the Paris Agreement.

Financial support is provided by purchasing the emission reduction certificates resulting from the climate protection activities. The Foundation submits these to the Confederation so that they can count towards the Swiss climate target. The KliK Foundation expects to reduce CO₂ emissions by 40 million tonnes over the current decade, at least half of which will be in Switzerland.

The following video explains how the legally required offsetting of motor fuels works.

Our activities in Switzerland and internationally


KliK Switzerland

We financially support various activities aimed at reducing greenhouse gases in Switzerland, broken down into the platforms transport, businesses, buildings and agriculture.
Partner countries

KliK International

We financially support various greenhouse gas mitigation activities in countries with bilateral climate agreements with Switzerland.

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