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In accordance with the Swiss CO₂ Act, the KliK Foundation compensates abroad part of the emissions of the Swiss transport sector. For this purpose, the KliK Foundation purchases Internationally Transferred Mitigation Outcomes (ITMOs) generated by greenhouse gas mitigation activities implemented in accordance with Article 6 of the Paris Agreement in Senegal.

Submit your greenhouse gas mitigation activity idea to the KliK Foundation via this platform. Request registration to start the process. If your registration is successful, you will receive access to the KliK interface, through which you can submit your mitigation activity idea to the KliK Foundation in the form of a Mitigation Activity Idea Note (MAIN).

Greenhouse gas mitigation activities must be authorized and implemented in accordance with the bilateral climate agreement signed by Senegal and Switzerland on 6 July 2021. They must also be in line with the following eligibility criteria.

You will receive financial support for the further development of your activity and authorization under the bilateral climate agreement, if your MAIN is accepted. The KliK Foundation intends to enter into a Mitigation Outcome Purchase Agreement (MOPA) for the purchase of the ITMOs to be generated by the activity until the end of 2030 at a fixed price.

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Would you like to implement a mitigation activity to cut greenhouse gas emissions in Senegal? Learn how the KliK Foundation financially supports greenhouse gas mitigation activities.

Supported activities

Find the greenhouse gas mitigation activities in Senegal supported by the KliK Foundation here. From green cooling to clean cooking, sustainably produced biomass and e-mobility.

Call for proposals for greenhouse gas mitigation activities in Senegal

The KliK Foundation is looking for greenhouse gas mitigation activity ideas in Senegal.

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The Swiss Federal Office for the Environment FOEN

FOEN is the government agency in Switzerland that is responsible for negotiating the bilateral climate agreement. There you can find background information on the compensation obligations of the KliK Foundation.

Department of Environment and Listed Enterprises (DEEC)

Under the authority of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development (MEDD), the Department of Environment and Listed Enterprises (DEEC) is respon-sible for the implementation of the government’s policy in the environmental sector, especially for the protection of nature and people.

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